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French Toast Wax Melt

French Toast Wax Melt

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French toast is an amazing way to bring the comforting smell of a classic breakfast dish into your home. The aroma of this wax melt is reminiscent of warm, buttery toast with a hint of cinnamon and sugar.

Wax melt for tealight or electric warmers.

2.25oz (net wt 63g)

Discover the perfect aroma strength with our wax melts. Start with just one piece and add more gradually, adjusting to your preference. Each wax melt section is crafted to provide 2-3 days of delightful scents with 8 hours of melting time. For extended enjoyment, use 2-3 sections, and your aromatic experience could last 3-4 days. Keep in mind, the duration may vary based on your wax warmer type.

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